Grant Application & Guidelines

Grant Guidelines and Application

Instructions for Submitting A Grant Application:

Girl putting together wood piecesIf you are a Scarborough teacher or educator and would like to download a grant application, please click here: SEF Grant Application for a google document copy of the application.

DIRECTIONS for submitting a Grant Application:

  1. Fill out the Grant Application and obtain the required signature from your Principal and the IT Director if applicable. Please note that the Scarborough School District has its own protocol for all grant applications, including applications to SEF and we encourage you to review those procedures independently. Among other things, the School District’s protocol requires all grant applicants to submit the application to the Assistant Superintendent for review at least two weeks before SEF’s application deadline.
  2. Please feel free to contact the Chair of the Grants Committee if you have questions about completing your application. Andrea Biron:

  3. Submit your completed application to SEF by delivering to the SEF box at the Superintendent’s Office


SPRING Grant Application Deadline:

Applications for the Spring grant cycle must be completed and submitted to SEF by April 28th, 2020.  


Any individual employed by the Scarborough School District is eligible to apply for a grant as long as the direct impact on students can be demonstrated. Applicants are encouraged to partner with other teachers, students and community members initially or in the future.


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Grants are awarded to inspire the development of innovative programs and creative initiatives that will enhance the curriculum for students in grades K-12 of the Scarborough public schools.  Grant awards are intended to be used as “seed money” to fund new programs to give educators, students and parents an opportunity to see how such initiatives would work in practice.  If the assessment plan for the initiative demonstrates that the program is successful or holds promise, ongoing or repeat funding should be pursued through the traditional school budget process or alternate sources of funding.

Programs must be aligned with the approved Scarborough School District K-12 curriculum.  Grants are intended to support programs and initiatives that likely will impact a significant number of students or promise to have a profound impact on a smaller number of students.

Scope and Requirements

The number of grants awarded and the amount of each grant will be determined according to the overall number of applications submitted and the nature and scope of the program each contemplates.

SEF strives to balance grants among the various grade levels in the School District.

SEF may fund programs partially or in full.  A detailed budget describing how the entire award will be spent is essential.

All expenditures for equipment or supplies must be consistent with the description outlined in the application.  Technology training and installation should be considered within the grant application to maximize and expedite the benefit to students.  All technology grants require the review and signature of the IT Director prior to submitting the grant application to ensure compatibility with existing technology and accuracy of the budget.

Grants may include project-related supplies or equipment, workshop fees, and/or resource materials.  All materials and equipment bought with SEF funds become the property of the Scarborough School District and must be identified accordingly.

Grant money is not awarded to fund teacher stipends nor should it be used to buy materials such as core curriculum text and standard school supplies, which should be covered in the school’s operational budget.

All applications require a Principal’s signature to ensure the alignment of the project with District curriculum goals.  If you intend to submit your application by email, an email from the Principal acknowledging the project’s alignment with District curriculum goals must be included as part of the application.

Projects must be completed within one year of funding.


The following criteria will be used when reviewing grant applications:

–  the project supports academic excellence for students in our public schools

–  the project is innovative, creative and enriches the curriculum

–  the project supports excellence in teaching

–  the project is well defined and has the necessary documentation to support funding

–  the project has the potential to be replicated in other Scarborough schools or to become a regular offering in the curriculum

–  the project presents unique learning opportunities

–  the project stimulates community involvement in or awareness of the public schools and their programs

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