SEF Grant Awards

Recent Award Recipients


Congratulations Kelly Ellen Avery, GATES Science and Math teacher at Scarborough Middle School.  Through her grant, students will construct a light-up, pop-up greeting card and learn about circuits, LED technology, and electronics.



SEF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of community volunteers whose mission is to enhance academic excellence in the Scarborough Public Schools by funding innovative and creative educational programs and initiatives that fall outside traditional budget considerations.  SEF raises private dollars for public school education and awards grants to teachers whose proposals most closely match our mission.  Our grants provide “seed money” for teachers to try new programs and teaching methods and see if they work in practice.  Thanks to our generous donors, SEF has awarded more than $180,000 since its inception in 2011.  Our grants have touched every school in the district at every grade level (K-12). SEF is always looking for dedicated volunteers who share our vision to join our effort.  For more information about SEF, please visit our website at

For more information, please email us at – to express your interest in volunteer opportunities, please use our Volunteer Form.